The SOLARHOME Project was established with the aim of finding out if it was possible to build a totally emission-free (directly or indirectly) house in a cold climate using the latest, currently-available technology for solar-charged batteries.  As such, it had to be totally off-grid, all-electric, with no need of a generator or grid backup, and using no gas, oil, coal, or wood fire for heating or cooking.  And it had to have all the mod cons, appliances, and comfort you'd expect in a modern home, while also being robust and reliable enough to rent out to short-term visitors who may or may not have any awareness or interest in how the house is powered.  In other words, it has to be as bulletproof and foolproof as a normal grid-connected house.

A prototype of the SOLARHOME was built during 2016 at Greens Beach on the north coast of Tasmania.  And after two years trial the house has performed as planned, remaining warm (around 20°C), comfortable, and emission free throughout the cold Tasmanian winters, and cool (less than 26°C)  during the hottest summer days, while the off-grid power system has operating seamlessly.  For more details and information about Greens Beach Solarhome and to book a visit click on the link below.

Greens Beach SOLARHOME